shadows and light


Feeling a bit bored and having decided that there was nothing worth photographing, I was about to put my camera away – but before I gave up, I decided to do some mindful breathing.

When I opened my eyes I let my attention be drawn to where the light was coming into the room. Looking up, I noticed this window with the criss-cross of thick lead and the different textures of glass and leaves of trees, a little distorted behind them.

I hadn’t noticed the image before I took a few moments to be still and turn my attention towards my breathing. The focus on my breath seemed to make it easier for me to really see my surroundings.

Maybe looking inside helps us to look outside too.

4 thoughts on “shadows and light

  1. tony greenbank says:

    Nice one, Heather. So different from the usual photos people take. And I like especially the thick lead cris-crossing the window to give the diamond shaped panes. Lovely. x dad

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