Creative Therapy

An inherent impulse in each of us longs for creative expression  (Natalie Rogers)

As part of my counselling training in 1996 (and again in 2014) I was taught by expressive therapist Dinah Brown, who was trained by Natalie Rogers, the daughter of Carl Rogers. Dinah sparked my interest in Expressive Therapy – and a few years later I was also lucky enough to attend a creative therapy workshop with Natalie Rogers herself, which I found really inspiring.

Now I enjoy offering some creative approaches to therapy, such as working with objects and figures, as well as using mindful photography, collage-making, music and mindful poetry .  If people would like to take a creative approach to their therapy sessions, I have arts materials at the ready for drawing or collage-making – and as a musician, I have a guitar you can use in our sessions if you’d like to work creatively with music.

As with using photography, collage or poetry, rather than instruct you in terms of songwriting or composing or playing / singing, I’ll be there alongside you to mutually explore whatever you create when you feel ready.

Something I’m also interested in, is writing short, bite-size pieces of mindful poetry – which can be a simple as one or two lines written to describe something mindfully.  If this interests you, you could take a look at this book, with lots of mindful poetry in it: “A Blackbird Sings: a book of short poems” by Fiona Robyn, which inspired me to start writing my own mindful ‘small stones’.

Mindful poetry can can be used together with mindful images, so you may choose to photograph an object or scene mindfully – and afterwards you could write some mindful poetry inspired by your photograph – and then we can explore the look and feel of them together.
                 Fronds frame the view
                 from my cool canopy